Companies naturally want to make their customer experience as seamless as possible, while also saving costs.  Both can be hindered by legacy IT systems.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is becoming an increasingly popular solution:  in August 2018, Forrester stated that even its ambitious growth projections for RPA were being exceeded.  Essentially, RPA is software that has been programmed to simulate users undertaking repetitive activities.  When deployed in the right circumstances, it can be astonishingly effective.

It typically provides quick implementation cycles (measured in weeks, rather than months), does not require hard integration with existing systems and provides an easy to use, low code, drag and drop interface that can automate tasks in minutes.  By using RPA for repetitive tasks, employee time is freed up and human error eliminated.  Moreover, the bots work 24/7.

psKINETIC has years of RPA experience, using the Appian platform as the basis for its solutions.  For example, for one customer we have introduced our bots to automate patient registration in a large clinical system.  Our customer completes around 45,000 patient registrations a year.  In the past, each registration took on average 8 minutes. By automating over 96% of patient registrations we’ve freed up staff time and delivered an in-year saving of over £100,000.

“With nearly 10 years under our belt, we understand that speed to delivery is important,” says Deepak Chandarana, Operations Director of psKINETIC.  Our methodology has evolved through the years, and with over 50 successful Appian projects delivered, we continue to perfect the formula. “Our agile methodology ensures the right balance between business analysis, development and QA activities. Our focus is on improving or transforming processes in a matter of weeks. To enable projects to be completed both quickly and cost-effectively, our typical model comprises a small dedicated onshore team of Business Analysts and Tech-Leads, supported by an offshore team.”

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“The company is a pioneer in home healthcare combining outcomes management and mobile solutions.”

Richard Haynes –  Director, The Community Gateway CIC