Operationalising GDPR

You, and your organisation, worked hard up to 25 May 2018 to ensure compliance with the introduction of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), implemented in the UK by The Data Protection Act 2018.  The real challenge, however, is now to operationalise the requirements under GDPR and, make privacy and the handling of data part of business as usual.  For organisations, it means asking themselves if they can:

  • Access data inventory, impact assessments and follow-up tasks in one place
  • Execute Subject Access Requests according to their policies and comply with deadlines
  • Assess & monitor their vendors in the context of the data they hold for them
  • Manage incidents in a consistent and auditable way across the organisation
  • Demonstrate a full audit trail and deliver meaningful analytics

A key challenge with GDPR, more so than other compliance regulation, is that your Data Inventory will grow and change all the time, you will find new and smart (but compliant) ways of using the data and, guidance from regulators will most certainly evolve.  That is why we have developed C-360° – a unique compliance solution that will help you operationalise GDPR and other privacy requirements today and into the future.

With C-360° you:

  • Can start small but be reassured of an expandable enterprise platform
  • Have infinite flexibility – wrap around the way your organisation actually works
  • Can run all your compliance processes – today and in the future

C-360° is based on a modular approach which will allow a more effective, holistic path to compliance, linking all the relevant elements together to ensure bases are covered and effort is not duplicated.


Read our whitepaper -Operationalising GDPR Compliance

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““We enable people to receive the right care at the right time. As an innovator in the NHS our aim is to deliver higher quality and better outcomes at lower cost. By working with you [psKINETIC] we have automated a number of steps within the referral management process.””

Zoe Nicholson –  CEO, Brighton & Hove Integrated Care Service