The advantages of Artificial Intelligence – computer systems mimicking human mental capabilities like cognition and reasoning – are becoming better understood by companies wanting to march a steal over their competitors by delivering better and more cost-effective products and services.

With AI, we first look to automate tasks that are currently undertaken by humans and then we look to automate or improve processes that go beyond the cognative capabilities of man.  Examples include:

  • Using NLP (natural language processing) to structure and understand free text (e.g. remove the need to re-key or manually structure data from incoming requests – we often combine this with OCR)
  • Use supervised learning algorithms to solve complex problems where the configuration of rules engines would be too cumbersome (e.g. based on a large number of parameters, how should an organisation respond the a particular request or, to deliver recommendations to a case manager based on case history and other parameters)
  • Use cluster analysis to discover and understand outliers (e.g. automatic alerts for processes that seems to be failing or, performance by staff that seems to be outliers from a cohort of similar staff)

Our mission is to help our customers deliver Return on Automation.  At psKINETIC, we use a number of powerful tools, including Appian and various RPA solutions and our team has experience leveraging functionality from key cognitive and machine learning platforms, including  Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

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“The company [psKINETIC] is a 'Game Changer' in health.”

Connie Moor –  Senior Vice President, Forrester Consulting