psKINETIC has been using the Appian platform for nearly a decade to ensure the successful implementation of our clients’ digital transformation and process automation projects.

Appian has been a key enabler of our digital transformation strategies, making it easier for us to constantly adapt to the changing demands of customers and employees. The platform evolves as the nature of work and work technologies evolves, which can enable future-proofing our IT infrastructure. For example, we are leveraging Appian and AI for smarter, faster and safer management of patient referrals to hospitals and other services.

Here’s what Appian thinks about us:

They “combine Cloud and mobile to deliver tailored solutions very quickly,” Connie Moore, Forrester Research at the Appian World conference in Washington

The Company “uses the powerful, low-code Appian Cloud platform for rapid creation and delivery of solutions to its healthcare provider customers.”

“Software solution vendors across a variety of industries are beginning to understand that leveraging a powerful yet easy-to-use BPM platform transforms the traditional application development and delivery process,” said Justin Thomas, managing director for Appian Europe. “psHEALTH is leading this revolution..”

Here’s an example of what one of our clients thinks about our use of Appian:

Scott Trevithick, general manager of AIG. “Working with [our company] on the Appian platform we rapidly delivered a new, mission-critical application without upfront investments or IT infrastructure headaches.”

For more details of Appian, and our relationship with them, please see our psINSIGHTS pages and:

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“The company [psKINETIC] is a 'Game Changer' in health.”

Connie Moor –  Senior Vice President, Forrester Consulting