Women In Tech

It’s true to say that women are certainly changing the balance in the Tech industry and, in some cases, causing healthy disruption. Long gone are the days where the phrase “it’s a man’s world” had validity, in fact it’s quite the opposite with women now very visible in executive and board positions.

Here at psKINETIC we promote an equilibrium position with almost 50% of our work force being female and two of those being senior directors holding board level positions.

After being in the Tech industry myself for over 25 years, I have worked within many male dominated environments, some quite hostile in enabling women to scale their careers, have a voice, put forward new innovative ideas and be recognised for providing different approaches.

Over the years, I’ve seen the tipping point and welcomed the change. But why did it take so long for this change to come? Maybe because sometime long ago it was stipulated that men were the bread winners and had the pressure of providing for the family, while women had to stay at home to take care of the household and children. But this started to change very slowly after the Second World War (1939-1945) when men were fighting overseas and the women had to go to work to manufacture materials for the war… my grandmother worked at a local factory producing parachutes for the air men at war… perhaps this caused the tipping point which slowly saw woman stabilizing themselves into working positions as well as maintaining and looking after a family and home?

One of the reasons I joined psKINETIC was because of the CEO’s (Ingolv Urnes) focus to embrace and promote a diverse working estate with female representation, encouraging ideas, allowing change to be embraced and creating the diversity needed in the working environment from all angles, whether male or female.

In the newer age, many women not only work full time but they also run the household, so the pressure of multi-tasking is prominent and time management is crucial to getting the balance right.

It is not about women dominating, it is about complementing the co-existence of both male and females in the working environment, thriving on new ideas together and formulating different ways of thinking.

Vikki Hailey, Sales & Marketing Director, psKINETIC