psKINETIC @AppianWORLD 2019 on RPA and practical use of AI

psKINETIC’s founder Ingolv Urnes delivered a well-received presentation on Intelligent Process Automation at AppianWORLD in San Diego earlier in the week. Ingolv’s focus was on enabling end-to-end processes by filling gaps with RPA (robotic process automation), and how to practically begin the journey of leveraging AI.

“The path to actually realising the power of new, more easily consumable, AI begins by first gluing the end to end process together and designing a system of simple rules and robust feedback mechanisms”, says Ingolv.  “Think about the system as a laboratory where you in real-time track feedback – this feedback is at the heart of both people and machine learning.”

“With our platform partner Appian, we are giving our customers access to powerful AI as a utility, for example with the announced integration with Google’s machine learning algorithms for Vision, Language (NLP) and Translation.”

“In the future, the key will be to integrate with and leverage the most powerful tools – not build from scratch – to improve customer experience, increase operating margins and reduce risk.”

Ingolv Urnes, psKINETIC Executive Chairman