NHS Consultant-to-Consultant Referrals: Is the system out of control?

The financial pressures facing the NHS are forcing all CCGs to review spend and implement policies and systems to strictly control costs.  One area where cost control has received little scrutiny is Consultant-to-Consultant referrals (“C2C referrals”). Based on our discussions with commissioners, it is striking how hard it is for CCGs to control these referrals without proper systems. GP referrals have been under the spotlight for some time (with mixed success), however, in some areas over 50% of outpatient referrals originate from within acute hospitals. In some cases you may even argue that hospital consultants are abusing the system and contributing to uncontrolled outpatient spend.

At psHEALTH, our vision is to help CCGs effectively manage referrals to enable better pathway control, lower costs and an improved patient experience.

We deliver software to automate referral management – from GPs or Consultants.  Our unique triage engine can fully automate the capture of referrals from both ERS (formerly Choose & Book) and email.

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