Legacy systems holding you back?

Are Legacy systems holding you back? We can connect them!

Ageing and disjointed legacy systems are probably holding you back and this makes it near impossible to deliver better patient outcomes/experience, lower operating cost and the ability to reduce clinical risk without having a joined-up estate. The temptation is to rip out and replace the old systems but this is costly, time consuming and risky. Our intelligent process automation software can connect to any legacy system – yes, any system – and help you optimise processes.

So, what can a new, agile approach deliver for you?

Improved patient experience and outcomes:

  • Single view of patients across multiple systems -> safe, secured and improved.
  • Video consultation -> saves time and cost on travel, cheaper than phone
  • Mobile enable old systems -> let your staff operate effectively internally and externally, anytime, anywhere.
  • Chat Bots -> digital engagement, reduce cost of booking

Driving increased margin:

  • Automating referral, triage and bookings -> less work for staff, creates more efficiency.
  • Integrate service delivery with network partners -> better control, less overhead
  • Effective use of staff -> use people for real engagement, not re-keying and poor systems

Reduce risk:

  • Reporting and analytics -> from a number of legacy systems! Real-time, up-to-date process date/metrics from all legacy systems
  • Consistent processes & audit trail -> better compliance, less variation, no risk.

Digital transformation and intelligent process automation are reshaping the healthcare and life sciences world.  Contact Shayleigh Raab at shayleigh.raab@pskinetic.com or 07474 966 457 to set up an initial discussion.

Shayleigh Raab, Business Development Representative.