GDPR 360 Application launched on Appian App Store

Continuous Compliance, Ongoing Change

Despite it being a year since the introduction of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), implemented in the UK by The Data Protection Act 2018, most organisations are struggling to adhere to the new data standards and guidelines. psKINETIC have repeatedly seen companies searching to find a simple and systematic way to ensure compliance across all levels of their organisations.

Determined to lead the way in compliance and agility, psKINETIC have configured a solution that effectively automates GDPR and this has been launched and is now available on the Appian App Store.

So how do you automate GDPR compliance?

GDPR presents numerous challenges for almost every organisation that operates within the EU. Three of these are:

  1. Organisational: How do organisations ensure every member of the business is operating in a compliant way, in line with the new regulations?
  2. Technological: How are legacy systems adapted to meet ever-evolving business processes to remain compliant?
  3. Change: How do organisations ensure they adapt to change faster and meet new and ongoing published guidelines more quickly?

These sets of challenges revolve around three principles: people, process and data.

In today’s dynamic digital world, organisations need an automated system for dealing with GDPR. The ideal solution for any business is to have a digital workflow structure that makes compliance automatic and, crucially, obvious to every employee – without the need for extensive education, and re-education, on ever evolving regulations and best practices. A perfect solution would be to automate compliance as far as possible in both the active and passive areas of the customer relationship – handling customer data with time-sensitive care, and dealing with customer subject access requests efficiently.

Most organisations do not have the infrastructure to adapt to changing regulatory environments in an agile way. What many organisations have typically been forced to do is customise and develop several ad-hoc manual or excel driven processes to comply and just get by. These are time sensitive, error-prone, short-term solutions which present a variety of risks in both the short-term and long-term.  Much like a patchwork quilt they are just adding to the manually driven portfolio with little governance around the seams – dangerous given the value of breaches being applied by the authorities, and for companies’ reputations.

At psKINETIC, we are dedicated to helping customers deliver their return on automation. By leveraging the Appian platform, we have developed the GDPR 360 App, which aims to tackle both the organisational and technological problems presented by GDPR compliance. We understand the intersection of people, process and data and provide an oversight to subject access requests, leveraging RPA and extracting data from legacy systems – all to ensure that compliance is simple, reliable and governed.

Jack Lawrence | Digital Consultant | psKINETIC