How to ‘double the pace of learning’?

psKINETIC is a pretty unique place to work.  Our focus is the success of our customers and the success of our people.  On the latter, I am obsessed by the idea that our people should be learning and developing at a pace most people would think impossible!

As keen learners, we consult scientific evidence and I was thrilled when I saw this article in the FT discussing how ‘reflection’ is statistically proven to improve the pace of learning.  I was lucky to work for a boss many years ago, who insisted on writing down ‘lessons learned’ each day in his notebook.  He would (as I do now) set aside the first two pages of his notebook and as the weeks went by he would reflect and record his lessons.  My boss was not a young man, he was probably in his early 60s, and he was the chairman of an iconic British brand and multi-billion pound business.  Clearly the approach was working for him.

My notebook

My treasured notebook