Digital Disruption & The Art of Automation

As organisations grow, reliance is often placed on ageing, off the shelf, rigid technologies which do not allow companies to retain their competitive edge.

Intelligent automation of manual, paper and human intensive processes enable a business to:

  • become more efficient;
  • reduce costs;
  • integrate legacy systems; and
  • create a single automated view of the enterprise.

However, these benefits can only be retained long term if the digital landscape accommodates ongoing change.  psKINETIC’s professional services team are experts in the art of automation, delivering the Appian Platform to create intelligent automation and a powerful managed application service to meet the needs of ongoing business change.

Gartner statement 17 January 2019 “As digital businesses continue to grow, CIO’s will need to increase their ability to recognise, prioritize and respond to digital disruption with new business models”.

Vikki Hailey, Sales & Marketing Director, psKINETIC