Promotion Night 2017

‘Promotion Night – Better than the Oscars!’

Our Monthly Team meeting – which always includes a bit of fun & games – was extra special last Thursday as it was Promotion Night.  A bit like the Oscars, people dressed up.  Ingolv donned his old tuxedo and Jason took out his tight cocktail dress and Aussie hat (…he was celebrating Australia day).

We celebrated the promotion to Associate of four fantastic people:

Eleanor:  Our super smart, super artistic engineer.  No one can design and implement as impressive solutions as Eleanor, and no one can match her dragon drawing skills.  She likes the company so much, she made sure we recruited her brother (also a hard-working, smart cookie).

Anthony:  A great guy, heavy lifting both in the office and the gym (squatting 190 kg!).  Anthony has done a great job coaching the customer success team and is always up for taking on more – he has recently taken on the job as Landscape Manager and running R&D on BI solutions.

Marcus: Marcus is one of the fastest learners we have come across and he is a keen mentor.  He has recently picked up running  psINSIGHTS, our monthly training programme, but he is also known for holding mass gaming evenings in the office.  His only problem?  He is from Sweden and Ingolv (Founder) is from Norway!

Olga: Last but by no means least.  Our Polish queen.  Olga has always been really focused on the customer experience.  She started building our QA effort in the spring and we were delighted to promote her to QA Manager last week.

Here they are in their new Associate caps, great work guys!