Respond rapidly to client requirements

Business Process Management Programmes (BPMs) are being quickly adopted by outsourcing companies to help them differentiate themselves in a busy marketplace, and provide their clients with a better service.  They allow outsourcers to change internal processes rapidly to meet their customers’ requirements and support continuous improvement.  Equally, end-to-end case management solutions (CMS) can ensure a high quality service and better coordination and delivery of services.

psKINETIC can help you leverage the powerful Appian platform to streamline processes, mobile-enable your workforce (from social care assessments to site inspections) and orchestrate processes between legacy systems that seem impossible to integrate with.

How can we help you?

  • Rapid applications or enhancement of existing solutions
  • Integration with legacy systems, including the use of RPA
  • Improving user experience
  • Support with Appian upgrades (move to Tempo if you are still on Portal)
  • On-going application support/L2
  • Infrastructure consultancy, move to the cloud, and on-going support (we also have extensive Appian on-prem experience)

Example customers



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““We enable people to receive the right care at the right time. As an innovator in the NHS our aim is to deliver higher quality and better outcomes at lower cost. By working with you [psKINETIC] we have automated a number of steps within the referral management process.””

Zoe Nicholson –  CEO, Brighton & Hove Integrated Care Service