Better outcomes at lower cost

Healthcare providers need to thread a fine balance: patient safety is non-negotiable, good clinical outcomes important but it all has to be delivered efficiently.

psKINETIC can help you leverage the powerful Appian platform to streamline processes, mobile-enable your workforce (think home assessments) and orchestrate processes between legacy systems.

Our solutions include tailored case management and patient workflow solutions that can incorporate contract management, booking, assessment and reporting programs.  They can  be configured to multiple services and accessible both via web or mobile apps.

How can we help you?

  • Rapid applications or enhancement of existing solutions
  • Integration with legacy systems, including the use of RPA
  • Improving user experience
  • Support with Appian upgrades (move to Tempo if you are still on Portal)
  • On-going application support/L2
  • Infrastructure consultancy, move to the cloud, and on-going support (we also have extensive Appian on-prem experience)

Example customers


The NHS faces significant financial and operational challenges. Patient demand is growing, and  providers are at the receiving end of a complex secondary care referral process.  Many trusts currently operate at full capacity, and are faced with demanding RTT targets and increasingly expectant patients. 

Satisfying national targets and, improving patient experience, are intrinsically linked to the effective management of incoming referrals. So how do you achieve this?  We help NHS organisations running a referral management service or Single Point of Access to deliver better health outcomes at a lower cost.

We have developed ART platform (Advanced Referral & Triage) to help the NHS rein in the seemingly ‘unstoppable’ growth in secondary care referrals; ensure referrals are made according to agreed policies and to the most appropriate secondary care provider.  It collects the data commissioners need to control current spend and forecast future demand.

Learn more about how we can support your organisation: 

Advanced Referral & Tria

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“Reablement is a significant component of our savings programme. We wanted to evidence its value both in terms of outcomes and cost effectiveness. eABLE has allowed us to do exactly this.”

Paul Davies –  Executive Director, Walsall Council