Remploy Case management

Client overview

Remploy is the UK’s leading provider of employment services and employment to people experiencing complex barriers to work. We initially provided Remploy with a standard case management solution for occupational health and rehabilitation. Following successful implementation, the solution was later extended to facilitate the delivery of a new, large contract with a leading telecom provider.

Update: We help Remploy win large DWP contract – see details



  • Need to streamline processes
  • Difficult to understand workload and utilisation
  • Limited reporting and ability to document outcomes


  • On-going optimisation to incorporate learnings
  • Subsequent extension to include new services and large telecom contract
  • Initial implementation of ps210, our base case management solution


  • Significant new contract win on back of robust IT solution
  • Improved reporting external and internal
  • Full online capability from online referral to case closure