Client overview

Circle’s mission as an employee-co-owned-partnership is to run great hospitals and services dedicated to the patients. It was recently appointed by the Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group as prime contractor for its large, integrated musculoskeletal service valued at ca £120 million over five years. The CCG selected Circle to consolidate 20 separate contracts into a single service to deliver better health outcomes.


  • As the prime-contractor for the large MSK contract, Circle needed to ensure the visibility of the sub-contractors' performance
  • Circle needed to capture health outcomes both in the community and at home
  • Circle wanted to ensure the application of consistent clinical protocols


  • Roll-out of our solution to clinical staff, including physiotherapists in the field
  • Easy integration between our solution and Circle's existing systems


  • Real-time tracking of outcomes and adherence to clinical protocols
  • Cost-effective and user-friendly tablets - good for both the patient and the clinician
  • Rapid deployment, less than 5 weeks